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I have finished Classic Who.*

It took me five months.

*All complete serials and select incomplete ones. Though I have a feeling I'm going to go watch a lot of Troughton recons now.
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I am done with the Second Doctor!*

Yes, yes, Two is lovely, but more importantly Two and a TARDIS team are lovely. I have not been this squeeful about a Team TARDIS since the Ponds. I would watch them all semi-ineptly attempt to rescue each other all day. LOOKIT THEIR ADORABLE FACES. BABIES.

In other news, I am officially broken, having sat through eight episodes of The Invasion, ten of The War Games, and The Wheel in Space (six episodes, four of them reconstructions) with hardly a thought for how long or slow any of it was. Send help.

I have, actually, watched The War Games long ago and liked it even back then when I basically knew nothing about the show. Am pleased that it is still great, but Jesus Christ, that ending hurts when you know the people involved. WHY. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO THEM. IT WAS HORRIBLE. No wonder Three is . . . Three.

ONLY ONE DOCTOR LEFT TO GO. WOE. BUT ALSO YAY. I am ready to have all the Who available in my head and not to have to pick around the bits where people talk about things I've not seen yet.

* For definitions of 'done' that involve having watched everything on BritBox, so: Power of the Daleks, Tomb of the Cybermen, Enemy of the World, Web of Fear, Wheel in Space, The Dominators, Mind Robber, The Invasion, The Krotons, Seeds of Death, and The War Games. Anyone with recommendations for which reconstructions or partial stories are worth watching, I'd be happy for suggestions.
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I've polished off the Third Doctor era. A weirdly black and white era, for me: so much to love, so much to barely survive watching.


1) Earth-based episodes. It's shocking how neatly my list of favorite and least favorite episodes in this era is sorted by the ones set on earth vs. the ones set in space.

2) The UNIT family. Two genres I am super easy for are spy families and campy humor, so this was basically the Doctor Who as workplace sitcom era of my heart. And I've always liked the Brig, but god, the Brig is fabulous, isn't he?

3) The Master. Delgado was the last chance for somebody to make me a fan of the Master and not just Michelle Gomez/Missy, and . . . well, he failed. But I had a great time watching him do it.

4) Liz Shaw. Queen. Though we deserved so much more of Spearhead from Space Liz and not the watered down, be-wigged version they gave us for the rest of the season.

5) Pertwee's costumes, especially the late-stage ones. Surely one of the best-dressed Doctors ever. I want to do obscene things to the plum velvet blazer from Planet of the Daleks. Not to Pertwee in the blazer. Just to the blazer.

6) Sarah Jane. Confession: I do like Sarah more towards the end of her time with the Doctor, which fandom informs me is the wrong opinion. But her sheer tenacity and savvy in season 11 is undeniably great.

7) Spearhead from Space, Ambassadors of Death, Mind of Evil, The Daemons, The Sea Devils, The Green Death, The Time Warrior. And special shout out to both Invasion of the Dinosaurs and The Time Monster, omgomgomg for being the best things ever. Just the best. All the hearts.


1) Space. Space, why are you so stupid? Why are you so full of boring things I care so little about? Why do you always take the Doctor away from the UNIT family where he belongs and mire him in a really inferior Tom Baker story without Tom Baker and therefore 1000% less interesting to watch? By the last seasons I was hard tuning out as soon as they left earth.

2) Three, kinda. Now, I don't hate Three and I enjoyed watching him quite a lot almost always when he was on earth where he belonged. But . . . are we sure he's actually the Doctor? Because I'm not really convinced. This is a surprising outcome for me because back when I was trying random Classic Who serials as suggested by popular opinion instead of watching whole eras in order like I should have, Three was the only Doctor who really grabbed me. And now he's my least favorite Doctor I've seen. Sorry, Three. You should have just been your own character.

3) Jo, kinda. I want to like Jo far more than I do. I liked her best when they did the best job of playing up the dichotomy between her slightly ditzy, sweet persona and her actually quite impressive spy skillz. I basically just rode a slightly confused rolled coaster with her for her whole three seasons. And her writing was obviously horribly uneven: a story that really knows how to use her followed by one that reduces her to all her most annoying and feeble qualities. Bleah, she goes way down the totem pole of favored companions.

4) Six and seven-parters. No. Just. No.

5) Season seven. I actually made an attempt, several years ago now, at watching the Pertwee era through, and back then I rather liked season seven and got turned off by season eight. This time it was basically the opposite. There are aspects of the season I really like but, man, it is a real concentrated dose of boring people in grey control rooms, isn't it?

6) Doctor Who and the Silurians (though points for the title), Colony in Space, Peladon and Peladon, The Mutants . . . god I can't even be bothered. If it was in space, it was bad.


And now I only have two Doctors left, eep!
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Listened to The Diary of River Song 5x01. I think I would have been happier if they just locked them both in a room for an hour and let them have it out, but look, I'm never gonna say no to some River'n'Missy caper action.

I had to pause for a solid thirty seconds to cackle out loud when spoilers, sweetie )
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Finished all of the Sixth Doctor.

Thoughts . . . )

I'm gonna take a diversion back to the Fifth Doctor for awhile, but I'm looking for suggestions for how to tackle One, Two, and Three. I've dramatically preferred watching whole Doctors' eras straight through (as far as that's possible) as opposed to picking and choosing episodes, but I'm open to doing them in any order.
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What do I need to do to get a series where the Master and the Rani stage sexy/evil capers throughout time and space? The Doctor can go bugger off somewhere else.

Is Big Finish on this?
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Have gotten through all of the Fifth Doctor. Probably my favorite writing of any Classic Who I've seen so far has been in this era (and Four's last season).

Tegan came out from behind to become the best companion, but I rather want a lot of Big Finish with all of them. Preferably some where everybody is a bit less crabby.

And I don't know if Five is my favorite, but I will fight anybody who says anything mean about him. And his magical foster home for tragically orphaned alien princesses.

In lieu of further commentary, please accept this picture of Peter Davison:

I mean . . . )

For my own amusement, I have been ranking all the companions as I watch. My criteria for ranking them is pure squee level, so this does not take into consideration things like general quality of stories and arc:

Controversy! )
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I have watched all of the Fourth Doctor.

It took me a little under a month and I didn't even die once.
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And I need fandom to know I'm holding it personally accountable for not telling me how awesome she is.


18 Nov 2018 05:02 pm
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I think this might be my favorite plot of the whole season so far?

Spoilers. Ish. )
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Because I'm a fan, dammit!

So, the new season of Doctor Who has not been doing it for me. Bless Jodie Whittaker and her Doctor, they are blameless in this. She's delightful and perfectly cast.

And, hey, the plots have mostly been middling to rubbish, the dialogue is dull and frequently clunky, and the writing in general is uninspiring. But if you were unprepared for any of this then you didn't do your homework.

What's really getting to me, though, and the thing that I was definitely not prepared for is how little emotional investment I feel in any of it. If Chibbs can do anything, surely he does characters and their relationships, right?!?! I've been batting around reasons for why things aren't clicking. Do we just need more time? (Torchwood was solid dreck for a season and a half before erupting into brilliance.) Is three TARDIS companions one too many? (Quite possibly yes, I'm thinking.) Am I just bitter that somebody thought we still needed a white dude on the cast? (Yes.) But I recently read a review somewhere that really snapped things into perspective for me, which noted that Ryan and Graham are now the heart of the show. And, frickety-frak, the reviewer is right. Ryan and Graham's relationship has been the major emotional through-line of the whole thing, has born most of the emotional weight. And it has been rather nice to watch, for what it is. I don't have a problem with their relationship in and of itself. I rather love Ryan, who is so my favorite. (Graham is fine.) But in the meantime Yaz is still underdeveloped and the Doctor hasn't really established a meaningful bond with any of them yet.

So let me ask you: how is it that, in getting a female Doctor, the show has somehow become more male-centric?
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I had a feeling I was going to love this and it's all!??! So??!!? Great!?!?!?!

Give me all the stories about wrenching back self determination and autonomy in the face of both coercive and abusive religious power structures and male privilege and fill them with witches and powerful middle aged women and Michelle Gomez and a really fantastic soundtrack, please and thank you.

I don't even like things about teenagers, as a rule.

Also it's stinking gorgeous and when there was a scene of two guys talking 2 hours and fifteen minutes in it felt weird and out of place.

(I'm only a few episodes in, but. Everything is beautiful.)
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So, if I've paralleled Clara Oswald with Bill Potts, Missy, River Song, Amy Pond, a sentient doomsday device in the guise of Rose Tyler, actual Rose Tyler, the Doctor's technologically-generated offspring, the Doctor's mother, and a couple of others, do I label is as Whoffaldi or no?


In other news, I need this for so many reasons and only most of them are Michelle Gomez:

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Title: Rain King
Fandom: Doctor Who, Twelfth Doctor
Music: 'Rain King' by Counting Crows
Length: 4:11
Download: coming soon!

On Tumblr, On Ao3

A/N: For Owls, who taught me how to love series nine. And for Elisi, who taught me how to love vids and reached through the internet to make this happen.


I'm the Doctor. I've lived for over two thousand years, and not all of them were good. I've made many mistakes, and it's about time that I did something about that.

-- Twelfth Doctor, 'Deep Breath'

Just as the one-eyed merchant, seller of currants, melts into the Phoenician Sailor, and the latter is not wholly distinct from Ferdinand Prince of Naples, so all the women are one woman, and the two sexes meet in Tiresias. What Tiresias sees, in fact, is the substance of the poem.

-- T.S. Eliot, Notes to 'The Waste Land'

Water always wins.

-- Tenth Doctor, 'Waters of Mars'

Lyrics )
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So, literally the best thing to come out of my foray into Big Finish so far is the bonus commentary track for An Earthly Child, the episode where Eight reunites with Susan and meets her son, Alex. So Paul McGann is commentating on the episode, and at this point he's been playing the Doctor on the regular for years and he's like 'Why did I never hear the Doctor has a family before this? Is there a reason nobody told me? Do we not talk about it? Is it because nobody thinks he has sex?'

Oh, my sweet summer child. lmfao